Public Token Sale

Start date July 12, 2018 9:00 pm (Korean time)
Close date July 23, 2018 9:00 pm (Korean time)
Amount be determined after the private sale is finished.
Participation limited to those who are enrolled in the restricted white list.
Restricted countries United States, China, Singapore, North Korea

Token Information

Symbol XSJ
Token Protocol ERC20
Type Payment Token (Cryptocurrency)
Hardcap 1500 ETH (1 Million)
Softcap 40 ETH
Maximum 1 Person / 8.0 ETH
Minimum 1 Person / 0.4 ETH
Price 1 XSJ / 0.000005 ETH
1 ETH / 200,000 XSJ
Exchange Listing on NDA

Jonber Set - Limited Edition

We put much consideration into providing the best value for VIP customers who participate in our coin sale.
We have prepared an ambitious welcome kit that is limited to 500 participants worldwide.
Our powerful and professional image branding that captivates the mind, and leaves little room for competitors.
When the SJ coin enters the coin system, it will beat any Scam ICO that comes in the future.

Premium Membership Card

Jonber Alliance Premium Membership Card

You are no longer alone. Now, we can all come together.
Enjoy the feeling of solidarity that comes from our exclusive matte black card.
This membership has priority over various affiliated Air Drops and invitations.

Our Kimchi powered team will not forget you.

Real Coin

24K gold-plate Proof Coin

Our official commemorative coin made out of 24K pure gold was specially plated and produced for early sale only. With its included circuit of happiness, you can feel the positive effect that shines from the outside.

Luxury Box

Premium Case

Our Premium case can be reused as an HDD storage case without discarding. This incorporates the philosophy of our development people who are environmentally conscious and practical in every way possible.

Classical Secure Memory Stick

Steampunk style Memory

Sometimes men have data that they need to hide! USB 3.0 memory stick, which provides a classical locking function that, was designed by Leonardo da Vinci. Secure your cryptographic keys from inside enemies.

Public Sale Procedure

Welcome. Is this your first coin purchase? Please take the following steps to prepare for the sale.

1. Read White Paper

Read the white paper once before purchasing tokens to determine whether you would like to purchase.

View white Paper...

2. Register White List

Register White List: Only the person registering will be provided with detailed instructions on the procedure before purchase.

Go to white list..

3. Ready for FOMO Rush

There are more people around the world who have eccentric tastes. Be prepared for an early closure.


We will check your identification for the reservation quantity and the restriction of the participation in specific countries You will need to fill out the information below to receive instructions on how to proceed with the public sale process.

Unfortunately, although some people frequently write down Wakanda, it is also part of the unavailable countries.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish